Inverse's editorial internship and fellowship program is a paid, three-month-long, writing-intensive experience that focuses on one of our main verticals — Science, Innovation, Entertainment, and Culture. With the oversight of an experienced editor, our interns and fellows get the chance to learn how to write different types of stories, break news, and pitch both a news story and a reported features. Ideally, these roles are five days a week out of our SoHo office.

What's the difference between the internship and fellowship?
The nuts and bolts are the same. Both involve pitching, writing, and facilitating the editorial process, but the fellowship requires more pitching of original ideas, longer pieces, and just more writing in general. Apply to the internship if you're still in college or just finished undergrad. Apply to the fellowship if you have six months to a year of digital media experience under your belt and/or recently graduated from grad school.


  • Follow news in your respective vertical on all the relevant social media accounts, subreddits, blogs, and beyond
  • Pitch stories ideas, interview subjects, and write with the oversight of an experienced editor 
  • Assist the editorial team with transcribing, researching, and light fact-checking 
  • Help organize and manage various documents and spreadsheets for the editorial team
  • Brainstorm innovative and interesting ideas for new features, videos, and news coverage
  • Remain flexible and positive in the ever-changing startup environment 
To apply, submit your resumé, cover letter, clips, and availability below. Thank you in advance for your time and interest! We accept applications on a rolling basis. 


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